CM Overview

There are different sources for an overview on the theory and applications of characteristic modes, including the following:

  • A Wikipedia page on Characteristic Mode Analysis.
  • Overview papers on this topic found in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine

PhD theses (some MSc theses) on various aspects of characteristic modes are a good source of information, often with very good overview of the topic (if any link is broken, just google the title to find the new site):

A number of presenters from our Special Interest Group consented to sharing their presentation slides from EuCAP 2019 (Krakow, Poland) here:

For those who may be interested, Dr. Miloslav Čapek has provided links to his latest presentations on CMs:

1/ Capek, M., Masek, M., Hazdra, P.: Some Numerical Aspects of Characteristic Mode Decomposition, EuCAP 2016, Davos, Switzerland, 2016.
2/ Capek, M., Jelinek, L.: Optimal Composition of Characteristic Modes For Minimal Quality Factor Q, IEEE APS/USNC-URSI, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, 2016.
3/ Capek, M., Jelinek, L., Kadlec, P., Štrambach, M.: Excitation of Optimal and Suboptimal Currents, EuCAP 2017, Paris, France, 2017.
4/ Capek, M., Losenicky, V., Jelinek, L., Gustafsson, M., Tayli, D.: Numerical Benchmark Based on Characteristic Modes of a Spherical Shell, IEEE APS/USNC-URSI, San Diego, USA, 2017.
5/ Capek, M.: Current Optimization for Electrically Small Antennas, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Seminar lecture, 2017.
6/ Capek, M.: Implementation of Source Concept in Matlab, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Seminar lecture, 2017.
7/ Capek, M., et al.: Accurate Evaluation of Characteristic Modes, EuCAP 2018, London, UK, 2018.
8/ Capek, M., et al.: Characteristic Modes, Department Seminar, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018.

This page will be constantly updated with more materials.