About Us

The Special Interest Group on Theory of Characteristic Modes (SIG TCM) was initiated at the Special Session on TCM during the 2014, IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation in Memphis, TN, on 10 July 2014. SIG TCM was formed as a platform to promote technical activities in the field of TCM.

Since its inception, it has attracted more than 90 research groups/companies, most of whom are active in this area. Major achievements to date include the successful proposal of a Special Issue on TCM in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (top ranked journal in the field) published in 2016 as well as many special sessions at major conferences.

Interested research groups/companies are welcome to join SIG TCM by sending an email to the Coordinator Prof. Buon Kiong Lau (Lund University) and provide some text for each of the following bullet points (if applicable):

  • a statement of interest on the topic (i.e., what are you interested in?)
  • a summary of activities on the topic to date (i.e., what have you been doing in this topic, if any?)
  • a list of relevant publications (i.e., what you have published in this topic or relevant to this topic, if any?)

Once approved to join, this information will then be included in a directory shared among the SIG members and you will also be included in a mailing list maintained for the members, where the latest news and opportunities in the field are exchanged. It should be noted that interested groups/companies that are not already active in TCM research are welcome to join the SIG, however, a clear statement of interest should be provided.

The current SIG members and their affiliations are listed below:

Group Name Affiliation Country
1 Sean Hum University of Toronto Canada
2 Mohammad S. Sharawi King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Saudi Arabia
3 Ruiyuan Tian Huawei Technologies Oy Finland
  Jocelyn Aulin Huawei Technologies Sweden AB Sweden
4 Buon Kiong Lau Lund University Sweden
  Hanieh Aliakbariabar    
  Qiuyan Liang    
  Irfan Yousaf    
5 Jussi Rahola Optenni Finland
6 Zhinong Ying Sony Mobile Sweden
7 Majid Manteghi Virginia Tech USA
8 Chao-Fu Wang Temasek Laboratories, NUS Singapore
9 Derek McNamara University of Ottawa Canada
  Jonathan Ethier    
  Hamad Alroughani    
10 Binbin Yang North Carolina A&T State University USA
11 Roberto Rojas-Teran Ohio State University USA
12 John Volakis Florida International University USA
13 Jacob Adams North Carolina State University (NCSU) USA
14 Ulrich Jakobus Altair Engineering, Inc. South Africa
  C. J. Reddy Altair Engineering, Inc. USA
15 Eva Antonino Daviu Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) Spain
  Marta Cabedo Fabres    
  Miguel Ferrando Bataller    
16 Olivier Vacus CEA France
17 Alexandru Tatomirescu Aalborg University Denmark
  Istvan Szini    
  Gert Pedersen    
  Shuai Zhang    
18 Hiroyuki Arai Yokohama National University Japan
19 Werner Schroeder RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Germany
20 Ming Zheng Amazon Inc. USA
  Nicholas E. Buris    
  Khaled Obeidat    
21 Dirk Manteuffel Leibniz Universität Hannover Germany
  Leonardo Mörlein    
  Axel Hoffmann    
  Lukas Grundmann    
22 Jennifer Bernhard UIUC USA
23 Jari Holopainen Aalto University Finland
24 Naoki Honma Iwate University Japan
25 Jiang Xiong University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) China
26 Eva Rajos Iglesias Charles III University of Madrid Spain
27 Dejan Filipovic UC Boulder USA
  Maxim Ignatenko    
28 Georgios Kyriakou Democritus University of Thrace Greece
29 Yue Ping Zhang Nanyang Technological University Singapore
30 Cyril Luxey University of Nice France
31 Miloslav Čapek Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic
  Pavel Hazdra    
  Lukas Jelinek    
32 Karim Y. Kabalan American University of Beirut Lebanon
33 Sangwook Nam Seoul National University South Korea
34 Giuseppe Di Massa Università della Calabria Italy
35 Yahia M. M. Antar Royal Military College (RMC) Canada
36 Jason Lohn Carnegie Mellon University USA
37 Jian Yang Chalmers University Sweden
38 Yi Huang University of Liverpool UK
  Jiafeng Zhou    
39 Yehuda Leviatan Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Israel
40 Adam Narbudowicz Trinity College Dublin Ireland
    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Poland
  Robert Borowiec Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Poland
  Adam Jeżak    
  Abel Zandamela Trinity College Dublin Ireland
41 Danie Ludick Alphawave South Africa
42 Hui Li Dalian University of Technology China
43 Jan Eichler CST Computer Simulation Technology AG Germany
44 Qi Wu Beihang University China
45 Simone Genovesi University of Pisa Italy
  Alessio Dicandia    
  Filippo Costa    
46 Ozlem Aydin Civi Middle East Technical University Turkey
  Lale Alatan    
47 Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger Saarland University Germany
48 Naobumi Michishita National Defense Academy Japan
49 Deb Chatterjee University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) USA
50 Yue Gao University of Surrey UK
51 Kubilay Sertel Ohio State University USA
52 Raj Mittra University of Central Florida USA
53 Ahmed M. Hassan University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) USA
  Sumitra Dey    
  Mohammad Hamdalla    
54 Yikai Chen University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) China
  Wenyang Zhou    
  Chenghui Wang    
55 Branko Mrdakovic WIPL-D Serbia
  Branko Kolundzija    
56 Weng Cho Chew UIUC USA
  Qi Dai    
57 Joseph Modro JCM-EM Consulting LLC USA
58 Divitha Seetharamdoo IFSTTAR France
  Hassanein Rabah    
59 Peiyuan Qin University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Australia
60 Jaume Anguera FRACTUS, S.A. and Universitat Ramon Llull Spain
  Aurora Andújar FRACTUS, S.A.  
61 Matthys M. Botha Stellenbosch University South Africa
62 Krishna Kumar Kishor A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technological University India
63 Oscar Quevedo-Teruel Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Sweden
  Lars Jonsson    
64 Guido Valerio Sorbonne Universités – Université Pierre et Marie Curie France
65 Zhi Ning Chen National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
66 Nader Behdad University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
67 Shih-Yuan Chen National Taiwan University (NTU) Taiwan
68 George Shaker University of Waterloo Canada
69 Pasi Ylä-Oijala Aalto University Finland
  Joni Lappalainen    
  Dimitrios Tzarouchis    
  Ari Sihvola    
70 Yang Hao Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) UK
  Dingliang Wen    
71 Ezdeen Elghannai Starkey Hearing Technologies USA
72 Yen-Sheng Chen National Taipei University of Technology Taiwan
73 Robert Ledig ThyssenKrupp AG Germany
74 Bhaskar Gupta Jadavpur University India
  Arka Bhattacharyya    
75 Marc Harper Microsoft USA
76 Pei Li Google USA
77 Zachary Miers Ball Aerospace USA
78 Philipp Gentner Ericsson Antenna Technology Germany GmbH Germany
79 Zhan Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) China
80 Eric Lucas Alpha Omega Electromagnetics (AOE) LLC USA
81 Ying Liu Xidian University China
82 Kurt R. Schab Santa Clara University (SCU) USA
83 Guangshang Cheng Anhui University China
84 Hussein Jaafar CEA-Leti France
85 Markus Berg University of Oulu Finland
  Jiangcheng Chen    
86 Piero Triverio University of Toronto Canada
87 Suramate Chalermwisutkul

The Sirindhorn Int. Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (KMUTNB)

RWTH Aachen University



88 Chi-Yuk Chiu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) China
  Shanpu Shen    
  Ross Murch    
89 Kapil Saraswat Central University of Rajasthan India
90 Kalyan C. Durbhakula Missouri Institute of Defense and Energy, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) USA
91 Fenghan Lin ShanghaiTech University China
92 Liying Nie Hefei University of Technology China
93 John Borchardt Sandia National Laboratories USA
94 Mahrukh Khan The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) USA
95 Mikko Heino Tampere University Finland
96 Teng Li Southeast University (SEU) China
97 Ping Jack Soh University of Oulu Finland
98 Arturo Mediano University of Zaragoza Spain
  Miguel Labodia    
99 Dave Bekers TNO The Netherlands
100 Daniel Segovia Vargas University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) Spain
Ahmed El Yousfi
Abdenasser Lamkaddem
Nilton Santos