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Upcoming Events:

1. The Second Edition of the European School of Antenna (ESoA) Course on “Characteristic Modes: Theory and Applications” will be held in Prague, Czech Republic during 24-28 May 2021. The course is jointly organized by Czech Technical University in Prague, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Leibniz Universität Hannover and Lund University. The course website with detailed information is available here. The course pamphlet is found here. The first version of this course, held in Valencia, Spain, received a good review by the ESoA Board, but we will strive to do even better this time!

2. Convened Session “Characteristic Mode Analysis for Emerging Applications and New Structures” at the 2021 European Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Düsseldorf, Germany, 22-26 March, 2021 (Organizers: Dirk Manteuffel, Kalyan C. Durbhakula, and Fenghan Lin)

3. Oral Session “B19 Theory and Applications of Characteristic Modes” at the 2020 URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS) in Rome, Italy, 29 August – 5 September 2020 (Conveners: Deb Chatterjee and Ahmed M. Hassan).

4. Special Session on “Extending the Boundaries of Characteristic Mode Design and Analysis” at the 2020 IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and CNC/USNC-URSI Joint Meeting in Montréal, Canada, 5-10 July 2020 (Conveners: Qi Wu and Ahmed M. Hassan).



Other News:

2020-07-07 On behalf of CM SIG, Marta Cabedo Fabres and Divitha Seetharamdoo organized two webinars, on 23 and 25 June 2020. Both are now uploaded to our YouTube channel. Details are given below:

Webinar on 23 June 2020 https://youtu.be/TZd3paLoD_k

Title of Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Characteristic Mode Analysis for the Design of Nanosatellite Reconfigurable Antennas Simone Genovesi University of Pisa, Italy
Antenna Positioning for Bandwidth Optimization Using Characteristic Mode Analysis Peter W. Futter Altair Development S.A. (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Circularly Polarized Electrically Small Antenna Using Chiral Metamaterials and Based on Characteristic Modes Theory Nadia Kari Universite Gustave Eiffel,

Lille Campus, France

Webinar on 25 June 2020 – https://youtu.be/GyvPdauCses

Title of Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Systematic Design Method for Asymmetric Multiport Antennas Based on Characteristic Modes Nikolai Peitzmeier Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
Patten Synthesis for Single Antennas Using Theory of Characteristic Modes Hui Li Dalian University of Technology (DLUT), China


2020-06-22 Being aware of the interest from both within and outside the CM community to learn more about characteristic mode analysis and the latest results, we have taken the initiative to launch our own YouTube channel. We plan to feature both tutorial and new scientific results relating to CMs in this channel.


2019-05-15 We are proud to receive the news that our SIG member Associate Prof. Eva Antonino-Daviu of Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has been awarded the prestigious 2019 IEEE AP-S Lot Shafai Mid-Career Award for her accomplishments on Characteristic Modes. The citation is: “For her contribution to the systematic design of antenna systems for practical applications using characteristic modes and promoting access of women to engineering.” Eva has made tremendous contributions to our SIG from the very beginning and we trust that the momentum generated by our joint efforts has led to many more people realizing the importance of the area. Bravo, Eva!



Free Software and Demo Videos:

Lund University has released a free software for characteristic mode analysis as well as video demos of commercial software’s CM feature. More info can be assessed in the Software page.